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Last seen 05 October 2020, 19:50
29 years old   Calgary, Canada


a woman, looking for a man aged 24-35
5.3ft-5.6ft (161cm-170cm)
Body type:
About me:
My Self Summary:<br/><br/>Likes: animals, laughter, my kindle, honesty, music, curiosity, scifi, leisurely walks, foodgasms, kisses, green tea, road trips, sudoku, my home city St.Petersburg (Russia) and movies and book that makes your jaw drop for a minute when they end, and kindness. lots of kindness.<br/><br/>Dislikes: bugs and snakes (just thinking of them makes me shiver), dishonesty, celery, black licorice (and anything that tastes like it), tactlessness, pants that hang on your knees and not your hips or waist, black coffee, mopping the floor, and prices of airplane ticket.<br/><br/>I am Really Good At:<br/><br/>laughing genuinely, even at the stupid jokes.<br/>cooking, but not doing the dishes.<br/>sleeping, like a rock.<br/>going somewhere on a minute notice because as John Travolta says in From Paris With Love "why the hell not?"<br/><br/>You Should Message Me If:<br/><br/>you are still reading this and you are smiling .<br/>you think that your already-pretty-great life is better when shared with someone, and you’re ready to find that someone now-ish. <br/><br/>Also, I''m not from Calgary and moved here for work, so if you are looking for a friend, I''d be glad to hear from you too. Who would''ve thought it so hard to make friends as adult,right?<br/>Your interests include more than just sports and car.<br/>you’re as likely (and as happy) to spend Sunday lazying away in bed as you are to enjoy the outdoors, but no matter what you do, there will be ice cream<br/>you want to teach me how to skate/dance salsa<br/>If you like pino colada, getting caught in the rain, if you are not into yoga, if you have half a brain ;) <br/><br/>(know that I try to reply to all messages that are thoughtfully written, but I can’t reply to *all* messages, especially those not thoughtfully written.)